Yes, you are fixable.

Today I want to do something a little bit different and share a little story that is not quite as light hearted as my usual fare but I think its important to tell. Some of you may know and many of you don’t that the last few months have not been my best days and its been a time of upheaval in my life. A very long relationship ended, a dear friend passed away and basically it was just a day to day struggle for me. I spent many days mad, full of self loathing and basically just sleep walking through the day. After a few weeks of this one morning I just realized I was a miserable prick and no kind of example for my boys. I wasn’t in a happy place but I was going to get better. OK, I don’t tell you this for your sympathy and I only want to use this as backstory for something that happened to me this morning at work.

At one of my first stops of the day I went to a store that I have covered for many years and when I walked in the owner was busy with customers and gave me a quick wave behind the counter. This particular owner is a lovely 60 something Arab woman who is kind, wise and one of my favorite people to visit at work. Anyway, I am working away and I can feel her standing nearby looking at me. I glanced over and she said, “You look really good today Craig.” A bit taken aback I say jokingly, “Well, I have been trying to lose a few pounds and stuff.” She took a moment and smiled and said, “That’s not it at all, you have always been a handsome guy. Today you seem happy, confident and at peace and that looks really good on you.” Understand that this woman knows nothing about me outside of my work visits so for her to notice was kind of amazing. She smiled again and said, “You may not know this but we girls know things that you may not even be sure of yourself yet.” I just smiled and left and sat in the car for a long minute thinking about what she said. I would have never thought that a person who knows practically nothing about me could pick up on a change like that. A little food for thought here people, our attitude, our confidence, our energy shows through to people we may barely know at all. So go out there and be your best you every day even on the days when you damn well don’t feel like it. Find the people who feed off that positive energy and they will help keep your tank full as well.

So here is another important part I want to share. I know all of you are out there a little bit broken, doubting yourself, doubting your relationship, your job, your parenting skills, etc. I want us all to look around at our friends and coworkers and do just one small thing to pick them up each day. She had no idea why my whole outlook on things changed over the last couple of weeks but she was nice to let me know it showed. (You know who you are) So in a world that seems so fucking negative it gets fucking exhausting how about our little circle here tries to make a difference. Tell someone they look nice that day. Find that person who always seems a little down and buy them a beer and tell them they are truly a kick ass person. Don’t buy the Facebook profile of a friend or colleague try to get to really know them and let them know they rock. Anyway, I have been lucky in so many ways it only took me kicking myself in my own ass and then an unexpected twist of fate to make things look so much better. I want to thank all of you for always being the best group of folks who have been nothing but supportive in my life. Just remember friends, we are a little broken but we are all imminently fixable if we take care of each other.

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Why so mad bro?

So, it has recently been brought to my attention that my lazy ass has not provided any witty or humorous banter on this blog in many, many months, I wanted to argue the point but that would have taken effort and frankly these folks were correct. I also racked my brain for a good 30 seconds trying to come up with a reason for my abscence but even that proved to be too overwhelming for me. So I guess all I can do is attempt to make a triumphant comeback this evening much like Tiger Woods coming back from Stripperpalooza, his wife smashing his Caddy with a 9 iron and a spine that is held together with a contraption that McGyver probably invented. So here we go.

I was at the golf course the other day and the fellas and I were having an in depth discussion about life’s greatest questions, things like will the Lions ever win a Super Bowl? What the fuck is a Keto diet? Had you ever heard of Gluten as a child? And the question that always brings up a heated and partisan response, which Spice Girl would you have liked to get in the sack? I don’t need to tell you fine readers that more than one after golf cocktail can be consumed at the 19th hole while you are weighing these lofty matters. It was after these discussions that the topic got changed to one that I truly wonder about, “Why in the hell are people these days always looking for something to be enraged about?” How do you wake up in the fucking morning and think to yourself, shower, drop the kids off, get a coffee, hit the office and then find some nonsensical thing to be offended by. In my opinion life on most days can be a swift kick in the junk you weren’t expecting so I try to start out thinking the best until at some point the cosmic forces decide to just slap me around a little bit each day. Do these people not have kids? Jobs? Bills? A damn dog that is literally bat shit crazy on the daily? I suppose it is our easy access to the 24 hour news cycle via our crack laced Apple products but even then how much of this daily bullshit really affects your life if you just choose to ignore it? I realize these news outlets are trying to make money but some of this shit that is breathlessly reported as “news” is complete foolish fucktardery. So tonight I am gonna beg you all to step away from the nonsense and live your life. I promise you that 95% of this bullshit that is forced on us each day has little to no bearing on our every day lives. So get out there and live your life, drink that cocktail, ask that person you secretly crush on out for a date, take your kids to the park and tell these idiots in Washington and the “news” media to get back with us when there is actually something relevant to life that we really need to know.

Alright folks, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. Do me a favor and like and share and maybe my fragile male ego will be more likely to not wait months to do this again.